T.E.C.H Ambassadors are a community of passionate monthly giving donors or volunteers working to increase gender and racial diversity in computer science by providing underserved girls with full scholarships to attend Code/Art CodeHER Clubs.

How your monthly donation makes an impact:

How to be a T.E.C.H. Ambassador

Be a Monthly Giver

100% of your gift supports T.E.C.H.: Together Empowering CodeHER – Code/Art’s scholarship program that enables underserved girls to attend CodeHER Clubs free of charge. As little as $25/month covers a CodeHER Club session for 1 girl.

Be a Volunteer Instructor

Donate your time and skills by becoming a weekly CodeHER club instructor. Ambassadors can commit to lead either a 9-week intro club or a school year coding club. Both options consist of teaching weekly 90-min sessions. Coding experience and training required.

About T.E.C.H.


Our mission is to open doors for underserved girls by providing them with full scholarships to take part in Code/Art CodeHER Clubs through the funding of T.E.C.H.  – Together Empowering CodeHER – Code/Art’s monthly giving plan.


T.E.C.H Ambassadors are a community of leaders who recognize the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in tech and the need for more accessible early coding programs to achieve this. We envision a world where all girls are able to join a Code/Art CodeHER Club regardless of their financial status.

Code/Art puts young women on track for future tech careers by providing welcoming early coding programs that focus on art, creativity and social good. Code/Art’s programs introduce girls to computer science at a young age, helping close the gap between their male counterparts, in a fun, artistic way that delights and inspires them with the creative possibilities of computer programming. 

Code/Art Ambassadors provide an opportunity to share our mission with community leaders, and simultaneously engage and receive valuable feedback from women in tech and other entrepreneurs who understand the mission of Code/Art and the expansion of Miami as a tech hub”

Renee López-Cantera, Circle of Ambassadors Chair

Your Impact & Our Gratitude


100% of your monthly gift funds full scholarships for underserved girls.

The more monthly giving donors we have, the more scholarships we can provide.

Join us!

Engagement Opportunities

  • Join our Monthly Giving Program
  • Host a virtual Get-Together to introduce your inner circle to the T.E.C.H Ambassadors program and Code/Art’s vision for a future where more girls study and work in computer science. Anyone can host one of these monthly events!
  • Take advantage of Mentorship and Speaking Opportunities
  • Provide internships for High School students
  • Become a Code/Art corporate sponsor 

Founding Ambassadors

Renee López-Cantera

Silvia Larrieu

Soledad Picón

Maria Derchi Russo

Carolina Pina

Jennifer Marques

Adriana Vergara

Clara Bullrich

Amy Austin Renshaw

Michelle & Marco Nicolino

Catalina Valenzuela

Annette Green Tellez

Luise Martin

Jeff Yunis

Vernon Renshaw & MaAn Barcelo