Solving the COVID Crisis

May 26, 2021 | ChangeMaker Projects

Team Name: Jessica Wong (Her-ricane)

School: Glades Middle School

Grade: 8th grade

Project Title: Solving the COVID Crisis

URL of Project:


The issue is clear: the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 is a respiratory disease which was first identified in Wuhan, China in December of 2019. After rapidly spreading throughout China and other neighboring countries, it came here to the United States in January 2020. Worldwide, there have been 108 million confirmed cases and 2.38 million deaths. More specifically, in Florida, there have been 1.81 million cases and 29,564 deaths. The meaningfulness of the problem at hand is found because it directly affects my community. It was a difficult year for everyone; however, in times of darkness, all I could think of was the light: a solution to the chaotic year which had brought so much misery.

The website I created which is called, “Solving the COVID Crisis,” is an informational COVID-19 Risk Assessment that informs others about the coronavirus pandemic. Using a series of differently weighted questions, I constructed a quiz to evaluate the chances of someone contracting COVID-19 based on their answers. At the end of the assessment, there are three cards which associate your score with the chance of getting infected by the virus. As the coronavirus pandemic is not limited to affecting only my community but the entire world, the intended audience of my website is for everyone of all ages.

This project will address the COVID-19 issue by informing those who visit the website about the virus. In addition, linked at the top of the website are several links to the CDC. People can access these resources to become well informed about the disease, what it causes, and how it spreads. The COVID-19 Risk Assessment allows people to acknowledge what precautions they should be taking in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus. My biggest point is that awareness is key.

Before creating the website, I was not aware of how to code in css or javascript. Now, I have a clear, basic understanding of how to code in these languages. This project taught me the importance of simply being aware because that much can make a change. A challenging aspect of creating my project was determining the values of the questions I set out. Some questions required more risk points in order to assess the chance of infection Finally, the most rewarding part of my website was seeing my project in its final form. It was a tool that could help society which is amazing in itself.