Professional Development

CC-100: Power of the Portrait- Learning to Code through Art

Course: Power of the Portrait- Learning to Code through Art
Location: Online virtual workshop via zoom
Upcoming Dates: January 29th, 2022
Time: 10:00am-2:00pm ET
Cost: $129 (includes 4 hour PD + curriculum & tutorial video)
Who can apply: Open to all K-12 Teachers
Description: The Power of the Portrait (Coded Self Portrait Lesson) PD provides K-12 teachers with the training and materials to lead a code-based art lesson in their classroom! The easy-to-teach lesson is a great option for Hour of Code and is geared toward inspiring students with the creative possibilities of computer programming, expanding their creativity and teaching them computing skills. No previous computer programming experience is needed for teachers.

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Students in Action!

To date, K-12 teachers have reported teaching Code/Art lessons to 6,765 students. Of those, 3,793 were introduced to coding for the first time and 3,240 were female!