Professional Development

CC-101 – Intro to Creative Coding

Course: Intro to Creative Coding
Location: Online virtual workshop via zoom
Time: 4-day workshop; 9am-12pm each day + 3 hours homework 
Upcoming Dates: New dates coming soon 
Cost: $499* (includes 12 hour PD + Curriculum bundle + 8 hours post PD virtual classroom support)
Who can apply: Open to all K-12 Teachers 
Description: Workshop was designed with Art and CS/CTE teachers in mind, but is open to all K-12 teachers. It provides teachers with training, curriculum, and post-training support to lead Code/Art’s four introductory code-based art lessons in the classroom! Each easy-to-teach lesson is geared toward expanding students’ creativity and teaching them computing skills. No previous computer programming experience is needed for teachers.

*Please email us at if you’d like to request an invoice for payment


Students in Action!

To date, K-12 teachers have reported teaching Code/Art lessons to 6,765 students. Of those, 3,793 were introduced to coding for the first time and 3,240 were female!