Code/Art awarded Awesome Foundation grant

Nov 17, 2016 | All News, Donations & Giving, Press Release

Code/Art was selected as an Awesome Foundation MIAMI grantee for its “Hour of Code” proposal to introduce coding to area girls in a fun and engaging way during Computer Science Education Week 2016.

Computer Science Week is December 5-11, 2016. During this week, encourages everyone to try coding for at least one hour. Code/Art proposes to create a Code/Art Hour of Code! We will reach out to local schools and community centers and offer to lead an Hour of Code event for students at their locations. The Code/Art Hour of Code tutorial will teach students how to write code in JavaScript by having them write a program that generates a self-portrait.

Our goal would be to hold at least one Code/Art Hour of Code event on each day of Computer Science week. The organization Code/Art is focused on inspiring girls to learn to code. Therefore, we plan to reach out to local all-girls schools, clubs and organizations to offer to lead Hour of Code events at their locations.

In addition to leading the tutorial, Code/Art would provide each student with a certificate of completion, fun and motivational stickers, a 1-page Coding Tips Sheet that would include the main points covered in the lesson, a list of online & local coding resources, and a list of upcoming coding events for students wanting to continue learning more.

* The Awesome Foundation is an ever-growing worldwide community devoted to forwarding the interest of awesome in the universe. Created in the long hot summer days of 2009 in Boston, the Foundation distributes $1,000 grants, no strings attached, to projects and their creators. The Awesome Foundation Miami gives away monthly grants to help “creators, big-thinkers, and dreamers of our great city to prove how awesome Miami is!” Awesome Foundation Miami’s board of trustees are a group of diverse locals ready to open our own wallets to make a positive impact in our community and promote its awesomeness. If you’ve got an idea and you need some support to take your initiative to the next level, you’ve come to the right place.

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