About Us

Our Mission

Code/Art is a nonprofit dedicated to increasing the number of girls studying computer science by delighting and inspiring them with the creative possibilities of computer programming. 

The number of women majoring in computer science (CS) has been decreasing since the 1980s. A big reason for this is the lack of early coding programs that feel welcoming to girls.

We envision a world where computer science education is as accessible to girls as to boys, a world in which girls are introduced to programming at the same age as boys, and girls are taught computer science through a creative, social curriculum that matches the way they learn and lays the foundation for them to compete for in-demand technology jobs.

Our Story

Founded in Miami in 2016, Code/Art began as an annual South Florida event to inspire girls to code by bringing them together to experience art created through code by girls. Over the years, Code/Art has expanded to include year-round CodeHER clubs for girls in grades 3-8, a Future Female Tech Leaders program for young women in grades 9-12, a prestigious annual coding competition for girls in grades 3-12, and a professional development program for K-12 STEAM teachers that includes training, online resources, and in-classroom support to empower art and tech teachers to introduce coding to their students in a fun and creative way that also helps them gain valuable computing skills.

Code/Art Fest, which started it all, is still at the heart of all we do. We gather together every March — be it in-person or virtually — to celebrate young women in computer science. The daylong event includes a coded art exhibition, hands-on STEAM activities, cool coding workshops, inspirational women in tech talks, and an awards ceremony to recognize the winners of our all-girls coding competition as well as the teachers inspiring those girls to code.  ?

Did You Know?

In 1984, the percentage of women studying Computer Science started to dramatically decline.

Women made up nearly 40% of computer science graduates in 1984. Today, that number is only 19%. 

Of that number- Black, Latina, and Native American women are even less represented, making up only about four percent of all computer science and information sciences graduates.

Why This Matters

If technology is designed by only the half of the population that’s male, we’re missing out on the innovations, solutions and creations that women could be bringing to the table.

The U.S. Department of Labor predicts that computing-related jobs will be among the fastest-growing and highest-paying over the next decade

Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics  reports that the median annual salary for these professionals in 2015 was more than two times the average for all occupations!

How We Are Reversing the Trend

Code/Art provides education and support that closes the gaps preventing girls from entering, learning and succeeding in computer science fields. We open doors for girls to successfully compete for high-paying and flexible tech jobs, eliminate gender biases in the technologies we use every day, and create new innovations drawn from the unique experiences and perspective of women. 

Overall Goals

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Teach Workshops & Year-Long Classes

girls coding

Create On-Demand Content for Girls

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Train Local Art Teachers 

girls coding

Connect Students to More Resources

Code/Art Girls Report...


said they see themselves more like a Coder


said they plan to major or minor in CS as a result of their club experience


said their club motivated them to continue coding in the future

* Data collected from 2020-2021 end-of-year CodeHER Club student surveys.